South East Asia Without the Color

Black and white photos from a trip to parts of South East Asia towards the end of 2019 and into 2020

Apr 1, 2020


P1013228 P1013234 P1013317 P1013318 P1013238 P1013321 P1013324 P1013248 P1013562 P1013331 P1013341 P1013390 P1013420 P1013407 P1013435 P1013456 P1013243 P1013257 P1013278 P1013280 P1013282 P1013286 P1013253 P1013290 P1013335 P1013371 P1013388 P1013332 P1013413 P1013417 P1013421 P1013425 P1013426 P1013428 P1013440 P1013423


P1013332 P1013356 P1013351 P1013353 P1013360 P1013361 P1013295 P1013300 P1013291 P1013290 P1013302 P1013313 P1013349

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

P1013243 P1013245 P1013226 P1013240 P1013258


P1013300 P1013289 P1013293 P1013334 P1013420 P1013425 P1013364 P1013439 P1013456 P1013536 P1013785 P1013718 P1013554 P1013679 P1013680 P1013681 P1013756 P1013776 P1013834 P1013801 P1013928 P1013644 P1013636


P1013303 P1013312 P1013313 P1013338 P1013340 P1013426 P1013436 P1013442 P1013452 P1013482 P1013496 P1013432 P1013437 P1013517 P1013520 P1013549 P1013254 P1013352 P1013368 P1013369 P1013702 P1013704 P1013691 P1013665 P1013666 P1013661 P1014012 P1014014 P1014030 P1013268 P1013276


P1012991 P1012993 P1012994 P1013007 P1013012 P1013143 P1013124 P1013118 P1013071 P1013094 P1013109 P1013103 P1013113 P1013993 P1013218 P1013274 P1013972 P1013245 P1013271